Water Resources

AES offers solution for the maintenance and management of municipal and regional water supply schemes.

  • Design of Water Supply and Sewerage Systems
  • Hydraulic Investigations to define System Capacity of Models
  • Study of Losses in the Water Supply System
  • Installation of Control Devices for System Optimization
  • Water Treatment Systems

Water Treatment

  • Reverse Osmosis Plants
  • Ultra Filtration and disinfection

Wastewater and Sanitation

An ability to adapt to local conditions when addressing the problem of sanitation and wastewater treatment in both the urban and rural context has been one of the strength of us

  • Wastewater Treatment System for Recyclying and Reuse
  • Sewage Treatment Plant for Recycle and Re-Use
  • Industrial Effluent Treatment Plant
  • Vehicle Wash Recycle System
  • Laundry Wastewater Treatment System for Reuse

Multiple Effect Distillation Units

A multiple effect evapourator is an apparatus for efficiently using the heat from steam to evapourate. In a multiple-effect evapourator, water is boiled in a sequence of vessels, each held at a lower pressure than the last. An evaporator is essentially a heat exchanger in which a liquid is boiled to give a vapour, so that it is also, simultaneously, a low pressure steam generator. It may be possible to make use of this, to treat an evaporator as a low pressure boiler, and to make use of the steam thus produced for further heating in another following evaporator called another effect.

Solid Waste Management

A combination of cutting edge technology and vast experience in the field of solid waste management contributes to the innovative solutions

  • Biogas Plants
  • Planning and Management of Solid Waste Disposal Projects
  • Incinerators
  • Planning and rehabilitation works for landfills and contaminated sites

Environmental Awareness and Training

Our establishment is fully aware of the importance of the water and wastewater engineering and solid waste management field in this changing environmental scenario.

  • Environmental Awareness Programs
  • Environmental Educations
  • Training and Guidance for the Design of Water and Wastewater Treatment Plants, Biogas Plants,
  • Environmental Impact Assessment and Other Sustainable Development Technologies

Environmental Impact Assessment

Our company offers the consultancy services for the preparation of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Report and other significant documentations to obtain Environmental Clearance (EC) from Ministry of Environment and Forest (MoEF) as well as Local Environmental Authorities like State Pollution Control Board and Department of Town Planning

  • Initial Environmental Examination & Feasibility Studies
  • Assessment of Statutory Environmental Regulations
  • Assessment of Baseline Environmental Conditions
  • Identification and Assessment of Environmental Impact
  • Environment Management Plan (EMP) & Impact Mitigation Measures
  • Post Construction Environmental Monitoring

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